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We help build and grow healthy organisations

Each business has its nuances, but people are always at the core. We believe in a tailored approach and co-create solutions with our clients; using training, workshops, individual coaching, and more to support their needs.

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culture change
Opening, broadening, deciding and solidifying: turning approaches into ways of working
team building
Management, delegation, effectiveness & communication
leadership development
Making sure you have everything you need to lead your team
business planning
Helping you achieve your long term vision
organisational design
Aligning strategy, people and processes
Setting processes that fit into your way of working rather than the other way around
brand identity
Making your brand reflect who you are and your vision
Helping you share your ideas with the world
design thinking
From ideation to product development, we can help you find direction
what we value

This is our code for working


We don’t believe we are experts on what is best for our clients but treat each client and situation as different and open for discovery about how we can best be of service.


We believe that by committing themselves to work they feel matters, people make their contribution to the world. Our contribution is Tandem.


The world is constantly changing; it always offers opportunities to learn. We believe there is no right way for us to be. People are healthiest when supported along their way.


Through the respectful meeting of differences, something new is created. At Tandem, we apply this to our work and so invite differences amongst ourselves. 


People possess myriad features and qualities. We invite each other to bring our full selves and pay close attention to how we can support our clients to do the same

meet the team

Different backgrounds, perspectives and expertise.

With one guiding principle: we hate to see a good business fail for a bad reason.



John’s enthusiasm for solving your problems goes far beyond that of the average maths geek. He will help you create a realistic road-map, challenge you to implement it and hold your hand along the way. John started Tandem to help organisations succeed: by focusing on the fundamentals, and enabling their teams to work effectively.


Nadia is an engineer-turned-entrepreneur who can bring your business's vision to life. Up for the occasional flash-mob, she's no stranger to taking on a challenge, and will do all she can to guide you to your goal. Having lived in an incredible 13 countries and co-founding her own night market, Nadia's resourcefulness is even stronger than her ongoing chocolate addiction.


Suzi comes to us from the world of journalism, where telling a good story is the key to the universe. She brings this skill to our clients, helping to unearth the true personality of their brands. She also loves creating systems, then re-inventing them. Her secret power is finding empty tables at pubs and restaurants, which makes her a popular drinking companion.


During a clown workshop, Andrea discovered the joy of sharing his unique ridiculousness with others, and that was it. He quit his job as a journalist and embarked on a journey into physical theatre. Andrea invites organisations into a playful whirlwind of motion and emotions, helping them access their creativity, build healthy internal relationships and embrace innovation.


Having lived in nine cities across three continents, May has plentiful experience in leading cross-functional and cross-cultural teams to explore their full potential. And after years of studying business, developing strategies and fostering holistic leadership skills in her clients, she believes there is one guiding principle for those who want to succeed - be kind!


Drawing from her architectural background, Rachel uses her creativity and artistic skills to help you build and design in smarter ways. She combines the strategic prowess that comes from a love of board games with the spirit of an entrepreneur (her first business was a playground enterprise braiding hair) to help your organisation free itself of limiting constraints.


Flick's bias towards turning off her auto-pilot and trying new things, keeps her gray matter flexed to share her action-packed brand of creative thinking. Her diverse work experience - from consulting London's nimblest start-ups to crafting award-winning communications strategy - combined with a [rather unhealthy] obsession for collective innovation and company culture, means she's ready to tackle whatever challenge you throw at her.


Alex sees the world through its connections rather than its separate parts, enabling a more integrated team or company culture for anyone lucky enough to work with her. A coach, facilitator, Gestalt therapist and polyglot, Alex helps you understand blockers and dynamics in your team, allowing you to try out new ways of working so your business can flourish.


Ben is fascinated by people and the organisations they create. He draws on his psychological training to help individuals, teams and systems embrace the natural flow of change and dynamism of purposeful work. Along with fellow Tandem members, he is deeply passionate about supporting people's desire for meaning and connection in the work they do.


Hailing from a background in food technology, Kevin is a master of product and idea development. Whether working from the hull of a ship in Ghana or inspecting frozen tuna in an Indian spice market, he ensures your product is what the customer actually wants - and fights your corner to get it on the shelves. He is one of nine children after all!


Martha’s love of tapestry and fabric could be a metaphor for the warm and responsive relationships she leaves in her wake as she coaches and consults organisations around the globe. Often working directly with leaders, Martha seeks to establish deep, personal connections with her clients - facilitating true and lasting change for CEOs, presidents, founders and their teams.


Guided by the principle that people have the right to be happy at work, Cinthya brings heart to your organisation, ensuring your teams dream big and are fully engaged. Having lived in five different countries, Cinthya brings her love of acting, pop music and a host of languages to Tandem where she helps her clients “find their happy” and embrace change.


As a wine connoisseur, Sego knows that a good product requires foresight, planning and a lot of love. A whizz at strategy and forecasting, she concentrates on your business’s direction so you can focus on the here and now. Whether you are scaling up or solidifying your structure, Sego will guide your venture safely into the future.

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